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Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. specialises in building and developing successful companies in the fields of trade, shipping, industrial services and finance. To this end, we provide capital, strategic resources and management know-how.

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"The use of clean and CO2-avoiding technologies is of paramount importance today."

Industrial services

The industrial production or processing of goods plays a key economic role worldwide. In recent years, technological improvements, automation and efficiency increases have been decisive for economic progress. Today, the use of clean and CO2-avoiding technologies is of paramount importance.

For many years, portfolio companies of Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. have been active as service providers for industrial companies. Exporting German industrial technology abroad and designing and implementing industrial plant projects is the core competence of the group of companies.

Against the backdrop of the urgently needed energy transition, we are now increasingly looking to invest in innovative technologies in this sector in order to support such companies with our existing expertise in the successful market launch of their technologies.


The maritime transport of goods and people is essential for global trade and the international economy. Shipping includes various sectors such as container, cargo, passenger, cruise and tanker shipping. The industry has and will continue to evolve with modern technologies and greener approaches to reduce emissions and promote sustainability.

Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. has been investing in this industry for decades and now has both extensive operational (commercial and technical) expertise and proven competence in the areas of conception and financing. We see ourselves as being ideally equipped for the existing challenges and future investment opportunities.

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"The future of shipping lies in innovation, automation and adaptation to changing global needs."

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"In the area of investments, we focus in particular on real assets such as real estate, infrastructure or commodities."

Asset and investment management

Financial markets play a critical role in mobilising capital and supporting businesses to enable them to grow and expand. The industry faces challenges such as regulations, cybersecurity risks and the integration of digital technologies. Innovations such as fintech have revolutionised banking and payments, while sustainability and social responsibility are becoming increasingly important.

The sector is attractive to institutional investors, pension funds and high net worth individuals seeking diversification and inflation protection. The financial sector can contribute to economic development and plays a crucial role in the global infrastructure and construction industry.

Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. has been successfully invested in this business segment for many years and has extensive experience in the identification, conceptualisation and management of attractive investment opportunities. This includes the successful and differentiated use of the instruments of the international capital markets.


The retail industry is a diverse and global sector that enables the exchange of goods and services between businesses and consumers. In addition to brick-and-mortar retail and wholesale, there are international sourcing activities and e-commerce.

Companies in this sector offer a wide range of products, from commodities, such as steel and chemicals, to consumer goods, such as clothing and consumer electronics. E-commerce and digital platforms have revolutionised trade by enabling global access and fast delivery. The industry faces challenges such as trade restrictions, logistics, consumer preferences and regulations.

Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. has its historical origins in the international trading business and accordingly has repeatedly invested successfully in trading companies for decades. There is still a particular affinity and expertise for investing in this business sector.

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"Innovation, flexibility and speed of implementation are crucial to meet the demands of a dynamic global market."