Invest. Optimise. Develop.

Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. uses various approaches to invest in companies, improve them, sustainably align them for value enhancement and, if necessary, sell them again. As a family-run investment company, we are interested in a long partnership with our portfolio companies and often hold their shares for decades.


Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. invests in special cases in the early stages of start-ups with high growth potential. This often involves investing in companies that are developing innovative technologies or business models. We not only contribute (venture) capital, but also support the company founders with our network and know-how. Venture capital forms an essential part of the promotion of innovation and business start-ups and thus contributes significantly to the development of new ideas and innovations in the economy.

Leveraged Buyouts (LBO)

Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. identifies companies with high growth potential, stable cash flows and a strong market position that are undervalued or in a difficult financial situation but still have a solid business foundation. We look for the hidden champions, medium-sized companies that - although not in the public spotlight - are internationally among the relevant companies in their field of activity. After a risk assessment in the course of a careful due diligence, the company acquisition is carried out through a structured financing with equity and debt capital. Our goal is to optimise operational efficiency and profitability, to increase the value of the company and, ideally, to develop the company to IPO readiness.


Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. strengthens and accompanies established companies that need additional capital for growth and expansion. In addition to the required capital, we also bring in the expertise needed to take a company into new markets, develop new products or drive other growth initiatives.


Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. goes beyond traditional, socially responsible investments and actively seeks investment opportunities that can bring about positive change. This involves investing in companies or projects that generate positive social or environmental impacts in addition to financial returns, i.e. that develop sustainable solutions to social or environmental problems. With these investments, we want to make a measurable contribution to solving global challenges. In doing so, we emphasise transparent measurement and reporting standards to ensure that companies achieve their sustainable goals and that their impacts are quantifiable.


Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. invests in companies with potential that are struggling with acute financial or operational problems - such as an impending insolvency, a declining business environment or an inefficient corporate structure. The aim is to take control of the company, restructure it and put it back on a profitable growth path. With our many years of expertise, we are able to assess the existing risks, weigh them up and take advantage of attractive return opportunities if the turnaround succeeds.