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Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. is a family-run investment company that focuses on long-term investments in companies with development prospects. The company's roots go back more than 170 years to 1846.

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"We offer owners, partners and employees an environment in which they can develop personally and create value for the community through entrepreneurial activity with personal responsibility."


About us


Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. is the reliable partner that uses an active investment and management approach to build up and expand companies with innovation and growth potential. The investment approach is characterised by a long-term perspective and, due to the owner-managed structure, is not geared towards short-term exit strategies.

Instead, the company aims to achieve sustainable growth and long-term value enhancement by founding or investing in companies that have a solid business model, strong brands, an experienced management team and attractive market potential.

Determination and perseverance are inherent in all employees and therefore also in the company. Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. is characterized by not being discouraged by setbacks, overcoming obstacles and, if necessary, making several attempts to achieve goals - both yesterday and today. The willingness to take necessary risks and accept uncertainties makes even big goals achievable.

Enjoyment of and passion for a cause have always been the special inner driving forces of Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. Maintaining an open mind towards new things, seeing challenges as opportunities and achieving the goals set with perseverance and commitment are their key criteria for success. Curiosity also always means maintaining a positive focus and having the staying power to achieve the desired results. In this way, Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. is constantly developing new ideas, finding innovative solutions and asserting itself in international competition, even in new fields of activity.

Flexibility in thought and action enables Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. to constantly adapt to changing conditions and new circumstances and to actively exploit opportunities as they arise. The company actively responds to social, political and economic changes as well as changing customer needs and provides successful answers to ensure the continued existence of the companies. The ability to think critically, question the status quo and break new ground have been and remain key success factors for the company's growth.

Being aware of one's own abilities, being able to assess the effects of one's own actions, taking responsibility for sustainable entrepreneurial activity and conveying values through social commitment have characterized all Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. companies in their more than 170-year history. The duty to take responsibility for decisions and actions while keeping the well-being of employees and the environment in mind is and remains a corporate maxim.


Management Board


Together with Axel Schroeder senior, Dr. Axel Schroeder and Dr. John Benjamin Schroeder have shaped the fortunes of the group of companies over the past three decades, repeatedly seeking and finding new promising entrepreneurial opportunities.

Portraitfoto von Herrn Dr. Axel Schroeder mit Hintergrund
Dr. Axel Schroeder

Managing Partner

Investment and asset management

Portraitfoto von Herrn Dr. John Benjamin Schroeder mit Hintergrund
Dr. John Benjamin Schroeder

Managing Partner

Industrial Services


The history of Münchmeyer Petersen & Co.


The origins of today's Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. go back more than 170 years. In 1846, the then thirty-one-year-old merchant Hermann Münchmeyer, originally from Lower Saxony, founded a foreign trade company in Hamburg on the basis of his good business connections after working in Haiti - where things had become increasingly unsafe as a result of the political developments of the time and after a devastating earthquake in 1842 - which has traded under the name of Münchmeyer & Co. since 1855.

In the spirit of optimism after the French occupation, but especially against the background of the independence of numerous South and Central American colonies of Portugal and Spain, which was won in the first half of the 19th century, promising opportunities arose from Hamburg for the young entrepreneur, who was well connected in the region. Münchmeyer & Co. is initially active in the rapidly developing import and export trade with Latin America and develops into one of the most important trading houses in Hamburg.

At the same time, the financing of foreign trade became increasingly important, so that over the years Münchmeyer & Co. also developed into an important private and merchant bank, which, after merging into Schröder, Münchmeyer, Hengst & Co. at the end of the 1960s, became one of the largest private banks in Germany, before later being absorbed into UBS.


With the founding of the Hamburg trading house R. Petersen & Co. in 1911, another renowned family business emerges in the Hanseatic city, which, like Münchmeyer & Co. is active in international trade, primarily with Latin America, and contributes to Hamburg's prosperity.

Founded by Rudolf Hieronymus Petersen, who came from a long-established Hamburg family that had produced several Hamburg mayors and who had himself been briefly appointed First Mayor of the Hanseatic city by the Allies after the Second World War, the company initially specialised in the export of capital goods such as machinery and machine parts.

Later, it also turns to commodity business with animal feed and vegetable oils as well as clearing and barter business. The latter represents a form of compensation business in foreign trade and serves as a multilateral clearing system, the money-free exchange of goods and thus for the liquidity-preserving financing of trade transactions.


Both companies run their trading and financial businesses independently until the 1970s. Independently of each other, they had to and were able to cope with the turbulent times in the first half of the 20th century. They successfully survive the two world wars, currency reforms, far-reaching political and economic upheavals and, last but not least, the extensive destruction of their home town.

With skill, assertiveness, adaptability, cosmopolitanism and entrepreneurial will and foresight, they hold their own in the international arena and occasionally in competition with each other. But although both companies generate good profits in the sixties, the necessary equity capital and reserves for the growing volume of business in the import and export business are difficult to raise.

On the initiative of Axel Schroeder, then junior partner and head of the export department at R. Petersen & Co. and his counterpart and friend at Münchmeyer & Co., Ascan Hermann Lutteroth, the two trading houses merge in 1972 in order to exploit synergies and strengthen their financial power. The trading house Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. was created, in which Axel Schroeder successively acquired all shares until 1989.


With the expertise from the long trading history of both companies and the financial strength of these two strong players, Axel Schroeder successfully develops Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. as a driving entrepreneurial personality in the following fifty years through diversification and specialisation, start-ups as well as acquisitions and sales.

Together with his two sons, Dr Axel Schroeder and Dr John Benjamin Schroeder, whom he makes his partners in 1995, the business areas are expanded to include shipping and its financing instruments as well as international industrial services, and growth is generated at home and abroad.

The company's own operative business is spun off to subsidiaries and associated companies to meet the respective organisational and financial necessities, and the company becomes a renowned German family-owned investment company.


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Welcome to your diverse career opportunities in an international group of companies! As a large but family-owned holding company, we offer a wide range of opportunities for your professional development. Our success is based on the strength and diversity of our employees – we firmly believe that your individual growth is the key to our joint success.

Whether you work or want to work in shipping, industrial services, retail or financial services: Our portfolio companies offer you the platform to develop your talents, expand your skills and achieve your career goals. In our dynamic environment, you can continuously develop and shape your professional journey. We invite you to find out more about the exciting opportunities in our group of companies and become part of our inspiring success story!