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30 (plus approx. 1,000 seafarers)

In 2017, MPC Container Ships was founded by MPC Capital AG with significant support from Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. The company specialises in the ownership and operation of smaller container ships for regional and inter-regional cargo routes.

In the years following its foundation, the company has succeeded in acquiring substantial funding: around USD 475 million in equity capital and an additional USD 200 million through the issuance of bonds with international institutional investors, which were used to expand the fleet.

In the almost seven years since its foundation, MPC Container Ships has developed into one of the leading companies in the container shipping industry. The company is now listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and owns one of the largest feeder fleets worldwide. Feeder fleets are fleets of smaller container ships used in container shipping to transport freight containers between smaller ports and larger hub ports.

Since its existence, MPC Container Ships has provided Münchmeyer Petersen & Co. and its shareholders with a remarkable average return on capital of 27.5% per annum. This is the result of successful and forward-looking business development based on concentrated expertise, entrepreneurial courage and creativity. We are determined to continue this success story in the future and to continue developing innovative solutions in the container shipping industry.

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In the almost seven years since it was founded, MPC Container Ships has developed into one of the leading companies in the container shipping industry.
Portraitfoto von Dr. Axel Schroeder
Dr. Axel Schroeder

Managing Partner

„Anti-cyclical behaviour requires a high degree of industry knowledge, foresight and courage. Questioning the familiar and recognising change in an industry are basic prerequisites for this. We see the success of this process as entrepreneurial shaping of the future.“

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